ian’s story

Ian describes himself as a “quite mature” Building Surveying student who divides his time between a flat in Sheffield and his home in a town (which is around 70 miles away). Ian drives so “there is no opportunity to study” on the commute between homes. 

Ian feels that his choice of learning space “is largely dictated by the scheduling of…lectures” – for example, his flat in Sheffield is a bus ride away so if he has a gap between lectures he will stay on campus to study as he “cannot nip back [home] for an hour’s study”. Cancelled lectures are a source of frustration though they do open up chances for unplanned meetings: “my friends and I take it in turn to complain (if we were not informed beforehand) and usually trot off to Cutting Edge for a coffee”. His favourite place to study is his home outside Sheffield, where he can relax without “external distractions” (“finishing off revision for exams at home…On my own, enjoying the peace and quiet”; “adding to my assignment having gone home…for weekend. coffee in hand and sat by the fire. nice and quiet”).

"doing a bit more revising at flat with a cuppa, nice and relaxing"

"doing a bit more revising at flat with a cuppa, nice and relaxing"

 His flat in Sheffield also offers a good location for work (“Finishing off Law revision alone in my flat for tomorrow. Quiet, just how I like it. At least I get free use of a computer here!”) with the tv for welcome diversion, not distraction (“watching the weakest link whilst working up the enthusiasm to do uni stuff”;  “Finishing Conservation revision alone in my flat while watching Dom Jolly. Wonder if he has a Degree.”). 

Ian prefers working in quiet environments without distractions, and does not like “noisy environments” (“finishing off building assignment in Adsetts. most people have gone home so there are no distractions. excellent.”). If working in the Learning Centre he prefers to study alone: “If a friend is with me I generally end up chatting about cars and not do any Uni work. More fun, but not productive”. He does occasionally use the Learning Centre for combining study and socialising (eg “back in Adsetts, looking out of window whilst continuing with building services assignment. chatting to friend when I’m bored”) and also for group study (“booking a booth in Adsetts for group work there tomorrow for last assignment”; “in a booth in Adsetts with a friend, finishing off our last assignment. it’s quiet in here for a change”). Other on-campus buildings also offer convenient spaces to work, eg “just finished Building assignment in Norfork building. Yippeeeeeeeeee! needed somewhere a bit quiet with a printer near and handy”.


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